How Budget Manali Package changed My Perception on Hotels

During my childhood and adolescence days, I was confused about what is exactly a hotel? Some people told about being a place offering a great wide variety of expensive foods, while some told a place to lodge. It was only later on that I cleared all the fuss and found hotels are just another way of expressing luxury and expression demands lot’s of money. I always felt hotels in metro cities have less charm compared to places like Manali because lodging is not the primary concern, in fact exploring the beautiful and enchanting place is the goal. You an even stay in hospice after the sojourn.

Budget Manali package

These thoughts aren’t boiling in my head without any reason, but are based on real facts. Let me narrate you a story, a year ago we were planning to plan an exotic vacation, I was exhausted and bored with my job, you would surely understand if you live in a metro city, life is like a well coded program. I along with my girlfriend and a bunch of crazy friends put they their money on Manali package with a very interesting budget hotel named Ooak hotels. It was a random choice, as we were in the mood of rejoice, wisdom and facing the unknown.

During the flight, we were continuously talking about Manali and its fairy tale legends, once we landed at the Airport, a luxurious car was already waiting to pick us. I was turned on, within twenty minutes I was inside the hotel, with staff welcoming us with flowers, drink and were in traditional attire as if I am no less than a royal king. The rooms shown ere spacious, huge with all types of comforts and facilities such as TV, AC, intercom, Wi-Fi and attached bathroom.The other additional facilities were spa, bar, multi cuisine restaurant, etc.

The question arises what is new in that, well come back from where I  started hotels are an expression of luxury, but luxury demands a big amount of money. I was wrong, I enjoyed all the comforts and luxuries at an affordable price. I would also suggest you to spend your holiday in Manali and experience the new style of hotels in Manali.

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